Branding is a term used to describe what differentiates and defines you–your fingerprint. Every company has a “brand.” Are you aware of the messages your current brand is presenting? Our team loves the challenge of understanding who you are and what you do. We design and/or redesign your visual and written identity to maximize your ability to communicate and connect with your targeted audience.


We provide a global minded list of names that are .com and trademark ready for businesses, personalities and products for companies as large as Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft and Lenny & Larry's to as small as a person’s blog. 

Starting at $1,000

Naming examples
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Chris helped me create a name for my new brand. What can I say, the process was incredible. Chris sent me a first draft within a day, and each subsequent draft was delivered in a very timely manner. He was incredibly punctual and professional throughout the entire process. His work approach is detailed and his creativity is inspiring. Chris led me through a quick, easy process that effectively changed my standards for working with freelancers. Recommend him to the highest degree!" - Jason


Whether you need a lettermark, wordmark, visualmark or all the above (logo suite), we deliver custom expressions that are tailor made for your market. Brand color scheme, typeface/font and a Brand/Style guide will provide all that you need to launch or relaunch your company, product or platform.

Starting at $1,000

Branding Portfolio examples
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Chris and Christine bent over backwards to make sure that I got everything I asked for during my rebranding effort. They were fantastic to work with and patient with me while I was learning the basics of their trade. I now have a universal look to all of my branding and marketing materials and a clean, professional and beautiful logo that I believe will serve my company well for a long time to come. I am very excited to use my pitch deck and custom graphics that they created for me. I really think Chris and Christine have given me the tools to increase sales and revenue dramatically in the next fiscal year. Thank you very much for your efforts! Fantastic work!" - Larry


A website is a must for any industry. We ensure that your brand is perfectly implemented visually and functionally. We can also define and fill in in copywriting gaps and all forms of written content needs.  

Starting at $3,000

Website Examples
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Chris and Christine of the Field are very artistic and creative! They did a fantastic job on creating and designing the brand, the logo and the beautiful looking and functioning website totally WOWED us! I highly recommend this talented team!" - Daniel


In today’s world communication happens on an ever growing list of platforms. As designers, we consider where our client’s messages will be implemented from day one. From a profile image to a pitch deck, from a simple envelope to a printed/digital book we deliver uncompromising implement ready products.

Starting at $300

Print and Digital Collateral example
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Christine is professional, attentive, has a great supportive attitude and looks for ways to go above and beyond to make your project sing! I was working with her on a big project including a lot of print collateral and labels and could not wait to see how my vision came to life with her eye and expertise. She was professional and attentive throughout the whole process. The project turned out better than expected. She is amazing! Again, her process is professional, logical and allows for adjustments along the way. Of all the creative/design gurus I have worked with, she is the most like the Creative Directors I worked with during my days working with ad agencies in NYC. Consistently great work! Hire her!  Thanks again!" - Karen

Branding Portfolio

Click on any branding example below to experience a snap shot of the finished products paired with the client's feedback.

mapnifico brand
Canada Privacy Training Rebrand
It's Never Too Late rebrand
Wellologie Brand
1 Vision Analytics Brand
New Hope Design-Build Brand
Smart Havens Africa Brand
RCM Brand
CEU Espresso Brand
Ken Riggs Brand
42 Genetics Brand Sample
Manfesto Home Brand Mockup
Nervgen Brand Sample
USIOME Brand Mockup
WealthGen Brand Mockup
Envisioneers Brand
What's Real Brand Mockup
RISE Brand
The Alchemy Vision Project Brand
NONVERBAL Apparel Brand line
Dustin Patrick Brand
Paragon Colateral Rebrand
EpiScopes Brand Mockup
Miami Data Brand
Sturdy Earth Brand Mockup