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“Chris did what me and my team could not, he captured what we did, are doing and will be doing in a name. We were so impressed with the way he lead the naming process we believed he earned the right to develop the visual brand as well. His patience with my uncertainty and hard-headed determined nature provided me with space to vent which led to him being able to lead me into thoughtful solutions. I offered him our Chief Brand Officer position due to him providing far beyond our needs and expectations. What he accomplished for us is nothing short of amazing. Everyone I mention our new product name to, ITELLMOTION 'gets it' right away and the visual brand marks are just perfect. I fully believe in Chris and his ability, with outside eyes and thinking, to significantly lift the inner workings of a company, product, process or operation.”

- Paul 


"Chris is an educated person with a high level of knowledge in almost all languages from Greek, Latin, French to English.


His enthusiasm to find us a brand name is just amazing. And I love working with him because he has good communication skills and that’s helpful when there’s a need of explanation (plus our team is from the United Arab Emirates).

P.S. I don’t usually leave reviews but Chris’s generosity to overdeliver on this project has made me do it. What a highly skilled person to work with!" - Arshia


The name of your company, product, personality or platform is one of the most important parts of your brand–arguably the most important. It is also the first step of creating your brand. Leading clients through a naming process can be an unique, challenging and rewarding journey. Much like creating the visual brand identity, no two naming processes are alike. Having worked with global giants like Proctor & Gamble and Microsoft all the way to a one person startup we have led a lot of unique processes. 

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About the naming process - We can research just about every language on earth for a name that expresses the deeper meaning of your brand. 


We typically provide round-by-round naming lists for our clients until we reach THE ONE. Each list is around 10+/- names.


Our typical seven criteria for naming are:

1. com ready and trademark clear

2. A name/word with true meaning. Often times Latin provides names that are rich with meaning

3. As short as possible

4. Easy to pronounce

5. Visual attractiveness. The letters have a visual quality in and of themselves

6. Borrowed brand identity. This means a name that may be pronounced similarly as an established product

7. Positive reputation. Sometimes names already have a positive reputation that comes with it

Starting at $1,500

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