"A pleasure to work with. Willing to collaborate and accommodate an evolving and challenging project. The end result was outstanding. We’ll work together on future projects for sure.


Highly Recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

- Jimmy  


Below is a sampling of the brands we've created. Click on any branding example below to experience a closer look of the finished products paired with the client's feedback.


"Chris provided a world class name & brand identity that me & my team could not be any happier with!"


"This team did a phenomenal job and guided each step of the way and were always in constant contact. Thank you!"

mapnifico brand

"Chris & Christine were such a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, talent & communications made this project a breeze. We would not hesitate to use them again."

Wellologie Brand

"I have been brought to tears multiple times (in the best way) by the thoughtful design & content writing of this team!"

ShapeShot Rebrand

"All aspects of our project went very smoothly, Chris listened to us, accommodated us, & he worked very closely with us to formulate our terrific new logo. Highly recommend!"

Canada Privacy Training Rebrand

"Chris is efficient, professional, and provides great work."


"Chris & Christine exceeded my expectations as designers and professionals!"

Coyote Wood Milling Brand
Direct Dimensions Rebrand

"As part of a website & branding upgrade, we decided to get a new logo for our company. With Chris we got so much more & have worked with him on so many projects.

International Van Lines Rebrand & fleet design

"I was blown away by Chris's creativity, skill and ideas. Amazing."

The Milavetz Law Firm Rebrand

"Chris did a great job. he was friendly, easy to work with, & completed the job exactly on time & as promised. I am very appreciative of his work & help."


"A pleasure to work with. Willing to collaborate & accommodate an evolving & challenging project. The end result was outstanding. We’ll work together on future projects for sure. Highly Recommended!"


"Chris & Christine were great! I had a tight deadline and a picky team involved in the process. They went above and beyond to collaborate and provide us with amazing ideas. They are a professional and driven duo!"


"Flexible, understanding and amazing designers. Chris & Christine are awesome!"

1 Vision Analytics Brand

"This team is proactive in all design aspects, professional, always on task & on time. They went above and beyond in every way. Breath of fresh air!"

New Hope Design-Build Brand

"Chris & Christine were the consummate professionals in rebranding our 27-year-old company. Their artistic excellence, quality, sensitivity to personal choice, compassion & empathy made for a thrilling artistic adventure. We are beyond thrilled about our new brand!"

Smart Havens Africa Brand

"Chris understands his clients well and when there is challenge he is able to provide a solution. He was always available when we needed him and we are in Africa. If you need any Brand Identity, Chris is the person!"

It's Never Too Late rebrand

"Chris and his team took the time to understand the meaning behind everything we wanted to do. Thank you!"


"Chris & Christine brought my dreams and ideas into reality!"

RCM Brand

"Chris and Christine did a terrific job rebranding us and we have hired them three more times sense we first worked with them."

CEU Espresso Brand

"Christine created a brand that is completely my style and advised me how to make it stand out & connect to my audience. She took my ideas & channeled them through her knowledge of design & innate talent to come up with something magical."

Ken Riggs Brand

"Great work by Chris and a joy to work with developing my brand."

42 Genetics Brand Sample

"I really enjoyed working with Chris. This rebrand had to satisfy some high level people including significant investors and the results are exactly what we needed!"

Manfesto Home Brand Mockup

"Christine is professional, attentive, has a great attitude & looks for ways to go above & beyond! We worked on a big project & she made my vision come to life. She was attentive throughout the whole process. She is the most like the Creative Directors I worked with during my days working with ad agencies in NYC!"

Nervgen Brand Sample

"We hired Chris and Christine to re-brand us. They are very accommodating and easy to work with Thanks, it's been great and I'm very excited about the end product."

USIOME Brand Mockup

"I really enjoyed working with Chris & Christine. I hope this is the start of a long term working relationship. They care about the brands they create. They work extremely quickly, are very committed to the project's success & adapt very well to feedback. Persistent & diligent, wanting to make sure client is happy."

WealthGen Brand Mockup

"Chris and Christine were absolutely wonderful. They work hard and provide work back efficiently and on spec. They have been a wonderful addition to our team. 11/10 - You can't go wrong with this duo!"


"Chris and Christine listen and deliver! They met and exceeded our team's expectations!"

What's Real Brand Mockup

"There aren't words to describe my experience with Chris. His dedication to excellence, his patience and his professionalism was so above par that it defies explaining. I HIGHLY recommend Chris and all his services and feel very confident in telling whoever might read this that you could do no better than him!"

RISE Brand

"Chris and Christine were super professional and helpful in the branding process. They worked diligently on my logo and was extremely helpful in the process. I would work with the Field again in a heartbeat."

The Alchemy Vision Project Brand

"My brand is a work of art! The intangibles are priceless – the feeling you get when you see it all put together. It feels right. It feels like my dream has come alive. This would not have been possible without Chris and Christine. Vision, creativity, experience, professionalism, and commitment to excellence!"

NONVERBAL Apparel Brand line

"All I can say is that Chris and Christine are the absolute best! They were both willing enough to get on several calls to discuss exactly what I was looking for prior to starting the project. The communication was beyond my expectations and delivery was excellent!"

Dustin Patrick Brand

"Chris and Christine are very artistic and creative! They did a fantastic job on creating and designing the brand, the logo and the website. I highly recommend this talented team!"

Paragon Colateral Rebrand

"Chris & Christine work quickly, have great eyes, give honest feedback, communicates frequently & pay attention to every detail. They are an excellent team that want to make sure you're satisfied as the customer, but also that your end product is high-quality & well constructed from a design perspective."

EpiScopes Brand Mockup

"Chris & Christine bent over backwards to make sure that I got everything I asked for. They were fantastic to work with and patient with me. I now have a universal look to all of my branding & marketing materials & a clean, professional & beautiful logo that I believe will serve my company well for a long time to come."

Miami Data Brand

"Chris & Christine did an outstanding job creating the brand identity. They display the type of poise & patience needed for performing such jobs. I highly recommend them for their great communication & having the availability to complete the job in a timely manor. A++ results."

Sturdy Earth Brand Mockup

"It was wonderful to deal with Chris and he really connected all the dots when it came to my design on my project. Spot on would recommend 10/10... We worked together twice so far and he is always an amazing person to work and another 10/10 job."