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Full Branding Client

"Chris and Christine were absolutely wonderful. They work hard and provide work back efficiently and on spec. They have been a wonderful addition to our team. I will need to hire them back again soon and I'll do so without hesitation. 11/10 - You can't go wrong with this duo!"


Naming and Branding Client

"All I can say is that Chris and his wife Christine are the absolute best! They were both willing enough to get on several calls to discuss exactly what I was looking for prior to starting the project. The communication was beyond me expectations and delivery was excellent. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for the absolute best of the best. Very talented and professional. Will definitely be working with them in the near future."


Full Re-Branding Client

"Chris and Christine bent over backwards to make sure that I got everything I asked for during my rebranding effort. They were fantastic to work with and patient with me while I was learning the basics of their trade. I now have a universal look to all of my branding and marketing materials and a clean, professional and beautiful logo that I believe will serve my company well for a long time to come. I am very excited to use my pitch deck and custom graphics that they created for me. I really think Chris and Christine have given me the tools to increase sales and revenue dramatically in the next fiscal year. Thank you very much for your efforts! Fantastic work!"


Full Branding
Interior & Exterior Design
Label Design

"I loved and really enjoyed working with Christine.  She is professional, attentive, has a great supportive attitude and looks for ways to go above and beyond to make your project sing! I was working with her on a big project and could not wait to see how my vision came to life with her eye and expertise. She was professional and attentive throughout the whole process. The project turned out better than expected. She is amazing! Again, her process is professional, logical and allows for adjustments along the way. Of all the creative/design gurus I have worked with, she is the most like the Creative Directors I worked with during my days working with ad agencies in NYC. Consistently great work! Hire her!  Thanks again!"


Naming Client

"Chris is an educated person with a high level of knowledge in almost all languages from Greek, Latin, French to English.


His enthusiasm to find us a brand name is just amazing. And I love working with him because he has good communication skills and that’s helpful when there’s a need of explanation (plus our team is from the United Arab Emirates).

P.S. I don’t usually leave reviews but Chris’s generosity to overdeliver on this project has made me do it. What a highly skilled person to work with!" 


Full branding client

"There are not words to describe my experience with Chris. His dedication to excellence, his patience and his professionalism was so above par that it defies explaining. I HIGHLY recommend Chris and all his services and feel very confident in telling whoever might read this that you could do no better than him! Thank you Chris for all your creativity, insights, diligence and hard work!"


Product Naming Client

"Chris took this challenging project on–with Johnson & Johnson and Kenvue–with great enthusiasm. His interest and skills in etymology and creative name generation helped push the project forward despite an aggressive timeframe. Looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate!"


Full Branding Client

"Chris was very proactive with me in all aspects of the design, color selection (by Christine), and brand development. He is a professional and what he does, always on task, on time and most importantly going above and beyond where opportunity allows itself. I found his creativity to be a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the other graphic artists that I had worked with."


Full branding client

"Christine Joy is truly a JOY to work with! My husband hired Christine to work on branding/logo needs for his company and after seeing the amazing job she did for him, I knew exactly who to hire to help with my private practice needs. I hadn't actually been planning to hire out the job. I thought I could "come up with something" myself. But after seeing the care and professionalism she demonstrated and the truly outstanding product she delivered for him, I knew that getting her help with my project was a no-brainer. She is developing a brand that is completely my style while advising me on ways to make it stand out, look best, and communicate to my target market. Half-way through the work and I was already delighted; however, I am thrilled with her work as we continued my branding project.  She takes my ideas and channels them through her knowledge of design and innate talent to come up with something magical. She is professional and personal at the same time - exactly the right balance needed for developing my brand."


Naming Client

"Chris was professional, enthusiastic and provided us with an exceptional list of potential names. He was willing to take direction and also push beyond to get us to the next level. A clear communicated dedicated to excellent customer service. He made this process efficient coming in ahead of our scheduled timeline."


Rebranding Client

"Excellent communication and attention to the nuances of the project/our company's needs. Provided thorough working notes through the project duration and the completed project was not only timely, but exceeded expectations. I highly recommend and will utilize him again for future needs."


"We used Chris recently to start a rebrand project and after working with several designers came back to him to finish the logo modernization and new brand imagery. He works quickly, has a great eye, gives honest feedback, communicates frequently and pays attention to every detail. He and his design partner are an excellent team that want to make sure you're satisfied as the customer, but also that your end product is high-quality and well constructed from a design perspective."


Naming Client

"Chris did an excellent job developing our company name with us, and I look forward to working with him in the future. He presented many name options along the lines of what we were searching for, and he incorporated our feedback to further refine those options. He adapted with us as we found promising names that had to be disqualified for one reason or another, and he assisted us all the way through to finding the perfect name for us."


Full Brand Identity Client

Love working with Christine. She has done a fabulous job on our project, I can’t say enough about her.  She’s been such a pleasure to work with that my wife is hiring her for re-branding her personal practice.  We highly recommend her.  She’s an absolute joy to work with.


Brand Identity Client

"Chris was a pleasure to work with, especially for a beginner like me. He explained everything clearly, responded quickly to messages (despite a major time difference being in Japan), and delivered everything just as promised. Highly recommended!"


Brand Identity Client

“Chris was great to work with - he was very responsive and created a logo that reflected what we were looking for. I'd highly recommend him”


Brand Identity & 

Fine Art design 


“I cannot say enough about Chris and Christine and the quality of their work. I was blown away by the finished product. Very professional and very accommodating. They are very easy to work with and I can say that I feel very fortunate to have worked with them. I am definitely going to hire them again when I need more work to be done in the future.”


Icon Creation Client

“Chris is a very talented designer. I hired him to create icons and the level of detail he approached them with was outstanding. He was great to work with and was very quick to respond to any slight changes I requested. I will definitely be working with him again.”


Brand Identity Client

“I am over the moon excited about my logo! They went over the top and well beyond what was necessary! I am thankful and blessed to have been connected with them! I can’t wait for my next project with them! My son 10 year old son didn't know I was working on this project and when he caught it on my computer screen briefly it stopped him in his tracks! He was amazed! You will not regret hiring them! They are creative, kind, caring and professional!”


Brand Identity Client

“I couldn't be happier with the results of my project! Chris went above and beyond to make vision come to life.”


"Excellent communication and attention to the nuances of the project/our company's needs. Provided thorough working notes through the project duration and the completed project was not only timely, but exceeded expectations. I highly recommend and will utilize him again for future needs."

Rebranding Identity Client


Full Branding Client

  • Chris is a true brand expert.

  • He and Christine balance each other's creative process with reason and emotion. 

  • Chris will immerse himself in your project and will bring forward his own ideas for discussion (and they are great ideas)! 

  • Chris will draw from experience what has worked and hasn't worked for other clients and will share for you to consider options. 

  • Chris is intuitive and responsive making him a team member and part of your vision

  • Chris is a skilled designer and a perfect combination to bring creativity to life 

  • He and Christine bounce ideas of each other and together respond to the project's needs accordingly

Other attributes include:

  • professionalism

  • problem solver 

  • reliable

  • accountable

  • strong work ethic

Chris is very communicative and is also a great listener. Although I initially posted for help with brand identity, I ended up hiring him to build the layout/framework of my startup, including the website. My brand now has a professional look to it, all done in great taste and all flows seamlessly. A work of art, really. But the intangibles, and priceless, is the feeling you get when you see it all put together. It feels right. It feels like my dream come alive. This would not have been possible without the right partner in place. Chris and Christine's vision, creativity, experience, professionalism, and commitment to excellence is just what my dream needed.


Branding Identity Client

"I can’t say enough about the level of professionalism and communication from Christine.  She was so accommodating and I love the way the logo turned out!  I would definitely hire Christine again."


Full ReBranding Client

"Chris brings a high level of energy and professionalism to the job. He was thorough, upfront and did not hold back on recommending solutions which are suitable for our company. Chris's level of engagement is impressive and unmatched, he has made us feel like he is part of the team - we will continue to work with Chris on our upcoming initiatives."


Naming Client

"Chris and Christine excelled at delivering beyond our expectations. Precise and responsive communication kept the ball rolling with the utmost efficiency closing out the project faster than expectations."


Brand Identity Client

"Chris was super professional and helpful in the branding process. Chris worked diligently on my logo and was extremely helpful in the process. I would work with Chris again in a heartbeat."


Full Rebranding Client

"We really enjoyed working with Chris and Christine.  They did a great job on our brand identity work, updated website and were super-responsive.  We will definitely be using them again."


Brand Identity Client

"Chris did an amazing job on my project!! I’m so pleased with his work and so excited about my new logo! He is so talented and has amazing artistic ability, gives feedback, fast and efficient with ideas and delivery, fun to work with!"


Naming Client

"Great resource on our team. Chris is super creative and very talented at name conceptualization and brainstorming. Will definitely come back to him when we need more help."

"Chris and Christine did an outstanding job creating a logo/wordmark for a new business concept. They displayed the type of poise and patience that is needed for performing such jobs and I would highly recommend them for their great communication and having the availability to complete the job in a timely manor. A++ results."


Branding Identity Client


Naming Client

 "Chris helped me create a name for my new brand. What can I say, the process was incredible. Chris sent me a first draft within a day, and each subsequent draft was delivered in a very timely manner. He was incredibly punctual and professional throughout the entire process. His work approach is detailed and his creativity is inspiring. Chris led me through a quick, easy process that effectively changed my standards for working with freelancers. Recommend him to the highest degree!"

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